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Adding a version to profile attribute (or doing this via a "spec" namespace)

See original GitHub issue

v1 is here! Going forward, we will have to have ways to handling different spec versions, and specifically, implementors will need to be able to rely on some metadata for this.


  • 👍 on supporting recording of version
  • RECOMMENDED: Use urls for profiles and do versioning in url - see #689
  • If we didn’t go for that, keep profile single value and use @ eg. profile: "data-package@1.0"

Original Proposal

Towards this end, I propose adding a spec property, which is a namespace for this purpose. One can think of this namespace as being metadata for the descriptor itself, rather than metadata for the data.

At this stage, there are two properties that would live in the spec namespace:

  • profile: This property has landed in v1
  • version: This property has not yet been added to the specifications, but the need has been established and it will be vital for implementors going forward
"spec": {
  "profile": "tabular-data-package",
  "version": "1.0.0"

In the absence of the spec property, defaults are to be assumed:

  • spec.profile - the same as the current profile definition
  • spec.version - the current specification version

This property should apply to all specifications.

For related discussions, see #403 (use namespaces in DP - WONTFIX), #399 (introduce version - WONTFIX at time and reference to this issue for future changes) and #103

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:7 (6 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

rollcommented, Jun 15, 2020

I generally like the idea of reducing “magic” for the profile field and using raw URLs. Is there is a plan to drop Data Package Identifier spec also (not implemented anywhere)? It’s another “magic” or one-point-of-failure area making general specifications to be vendor-locked.

I think we can have endpoints on the specs site to publish profiles:

rufuspollockcommented, Jun 15, 2020

@roll glad you like this approach and agree on deprecating data-package-identifier spec. Also agree on endpoint style.

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