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Compressed resources

See original GitHub issue

Idea: describe resource compression. This would allow compression to be “ignored” in describing format and e.g. allow a tabular data package to include compressed CSV not just plain CSV.

Why? In much data management especially with larger dataset compressions is important for economies of storage and transmission. At the moment, data file compression is not explicitly supported by the specification. This also means that profiles like tabular data package or geo data package require that resources are uncompressed.


Introduce a compression property on resource

path: mydata.csv.gz
format: "csv",
compression: "gz" # | bz2 | lzo | zip

Question: what compression formats do we support?

  • Do we support zip? It is very common, however quite a bit of tooling e.g. AWS Redshift does not support it.
  • What about tar + gzip?


  • Standard linux: zip, gzip, bzip2
  • Standard Mac install: zip, gzip
    • lzop available via brew
  • Python: stdlib: zip, gzip, bz2; external: lzop
  • Node: stdlib: gzip; external: zip, bz2, lzop
  • AWS Redshift supports: gzip, bz2, lzop
  • Google BigQuery indicates support for at least gzip

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

zaneselvanscommented, Sep 5, 2018

This would be a great feature, especially in the context of publishing data on a potentially paid service like – we have lots of data that zips down by a factor of 10-20x. With compressed resources we could host our entire current collection of US utility data within the 50GB account tier.

michaelamadicommented, May 16, 2019

@rufuspollock @roll I’ve added a pattern for this. Here’s the PR:

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