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Is it possible to pass raw byte data into the pipeline?

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I’m currently working on a implementation where I occasionally receive raw byte data from a TCP socket. I want to pass this data into the pipeline but the current AudioSource😒 seem to be limited to microphone input and audio files. Does the current version support what I’m trying to implement or do I have to write it myself?

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juanmc2005commented, Jul 28, 2022

Happy to hear it works! Let me know if you run into any troubles with it. I’ll make sure to include it in the next release.

But I have to edit the uri = f"ws://{name}:{port} in WebSocketAudioSource because the // will cause path error when using RTTMWriter.

Would you mind changing the uri and opening a pull request?

juanmc2005commented, Jul 26, 2022

@ckliao-nccu would it help your use case if diart provided a WebsocketAudioSource that handles the websocket server loop? or would that be incompatible with what you’re trying to achieve?

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