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Question about Optuna on own pipeline with segmentation model

See original GitHub issue

hi, @juanmc2005 sorry for bothering you! as title, I want to use optuna to tuning parameters, and the segmentation model used in pipeline is my own trained follow training_a_model.ipynb. And i have already saved in “ckpt” format when i followed the “Custom models” part, try to define own segmentation model like

class MySegmentationModel(SegmentationModel):
   def __init__(self):
        self.my_pretrained_model = torch.load("./epoch=0-step=69.ckpt")  **<- put my own ckpt here**
    def __call__(
        waveform: torch.Tensor,
        weights: Optional[torch.Tensor] = None
    ) -> torch.Tensor:
        return self.my_pretrained_model(waveform, weights)

then, i redefine the config like config = PipelineConfig(segmentation=MySegmentationModel()) optimizer = Optimizer(benchmark, config, hparams, p) it comes out the error shown as below image

then i trace back, and it seems that it can detect duration, sample rate, or sth could you tell me how to fix these problems or I can’t use my segmentation model in optuna?

I want to do this because i guess the parameter will be affected in different model, so i want to give it a try

Thanks for your awesome work and help!!! expected your response!

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Shoawen0213commented, Sep 7, 2022

Hi @juanmc2005 i finally understand what u mean!! thanks a lot!!

juanmc2005commented, Sep 3, 2022

Hi @Shoawen0213,

You shouldn’t modify for this, you can just pass your own PipelineConfig object to OnlineSpeakerDiarization. If you are running diart.tune and not using the python API (which I think is your case) and you’re also running version 0.5.1, then you should be able to do:

diart.tune ... --segmentation /path/to/checkpoint.ckpt

Concerning the documentation, I’m writing it as a GitHub wiki. There’s a “wiki” tab in the repo’s main page. I still need to add a link from the README so it’s harder to miss 😃

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