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cannot open directory containing certain files

See original GitHub issue

Not sure how reproducible this is. Perhaps it’s a safety feature of some kind. At any rate, for the record here’s what’s happening on my system (MacOS Big Sur, JupyterLab 3.2.4-3):

Reproduce: Attempt to navigate (from the left-hand side navigation tab in JupyterLab) to a directory containing a file named jupytext.toml with the following content:


Expected result: Directory opens and file content can be viewed.

Actual result: JupyterLab does not open the directory whose icon becomes white instead of dark gray, and remains in an “unclickable” state from then on. Once JupyterLab refuses to open the directory, it needs to be restarted to open the directory again, even if the offending file is removed from the directory.

In an experiment I did not observe the problem when the same file was renamed test.toml, after restarting JupyterLab. Also did not observe the problem when the content between the triple quote-marks was removed, after restarting JupyterLab.

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krassowskicommented, Dec 4, 2021

That’s empty (I looked inside both the user’s library and the global library). Also there’s nothing related to JupyterLab in .config.

By “empty” do you mean that the file exist and is empty, or that the files does not exist?

I don’t see the menu

Do you mean that there is no Help menu? Please see the screenshot below for reference

Screenshot from 2021-12-04 23-10-22

krassowskicommented, Dec 4, 2021

Hi @ptoche jupyter troubleshoot run this way does not necessarily help - it shows the local environment, which is likely different from what you use in JupyterLab Desktop.

Anyways the more important thing are the logs from main.log and the browser output logs (captured just after reproducing the error). I cannot do anything without those.

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