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Add default destination configuration when ommited

See original GitHub issue

I’m using njt most of the time just to jump to the repository. And I have always to type

njt react g

Would be good to have some configuration in web, that you can set for example default destinatio to g and jsut write

njt react

Possible ways to implement it

  • manually set a default destination
  • jump to last used destination
  • use most used destination

ps: I might start a PR soon.

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:5 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

iamandrewlucacommented, Sep 2, 2021

easy peasy lemon squeezy with a bookmarklet 😃
We can add this to pro tips, when someone wants to extend njt functionality 🙂

Put this in “Query URL” of the search engine

javascript: void ((function(query) {
  /* More bookmarklets at */
  const [packageName, destination = 'g'] = query.split(' ');
  window.location.href = `${packageName} ${destination}`;

ps: now I realise that search engine + bookmarklets open a new level of scripting in the browser you can implement the whole njt in a bookmarklet 😄

kachkaevcommented, Sep 2, 2021


Here’s one more thing we can do to the web UI in theory. Imagine that the query is persisted in the local storage, so when the page reloads, you see what you’ve typed in the last time. A single click on the input selects everything, but a double-click selects only a given word. So this scenario becomes possible:

Kapture 2021-09-02 at 12 18 39

Double-click does not work for multi-word package names like react-query or @types/react out of box, but it might be possible to override the default event handler to fix that.

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