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Support searching for package types TypeScript / Flow

See original GitHub issue

Allow to search for main entry types file from package.json if exists, or link to definitelytyped if exists

Candidates for keywords

  • ~t not available (list of git tags)~
  • dt from definitelytyped
  • dts from *.d.ts
  • ts typescript types *.ts
  • ft flow typed
  • flow flow types *.flow
  • types for both TypeScript and Flow, but better to have them separated

Think would be better to have different keywords for TypeScript and Flow

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:6 (6 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

iamandrewlucacommented, Nov 18, 2020

You are killing all my PR’s 😄

Actually I did not thought to search for njt @types/PACKAGE. It makes sense. Thanks for making this clear to me I think this can be closed.

Thanks again for njt 🙂

I’ll go and add a OpenSearch definition for

kachkaevcommented, Nov 18, 2020

And a lot of times I’m searching for types for a package

How do you do this without njt? At what stage and what for?

My workflow:

  1. Add a package I’m interested in

  2. Add an import into one of my project files

  3. If autocompletion kicks in, typings are there so I don’t need to do anything. If VSCode highlights the first character of the import with a dashed line, this means that the package missing the typings. In that case, I do njt @types/PACKAGE, take a quick glance at the number of weekly downloads and yarn add -D @types/PACKAGE.

  4. If I need to refer to a typing of a particular package resource, I command+click on the symbol and get straight to a corresponding .d.ts file in node_modules. No need to manually navigate to the package repo or explore the @types/PACKAGE folder on GitHub.

If the presence of typings affects the decision to install a package, then is the tool to check. If a package is found, typings are available. A hexagon icon means that they are built in, a square with DT in it means that the typings are in DefinietelyTyped repo.

If you still believe that there is scope for a new feature in njt, happy to discuss the added value, the use cases and the spec. Note that adding keywords of 2+ chars affects the simplicity of the tool, so this leap needs to be really well justified.

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