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getting the valid input in mock

See original GitHub issue


I tried to mock the input type of a function create_service in .

from mockito import verify, when, ANY, not_
from .api import services
from .models import Token

class TestCreateServicePrincipal(TestCase):
	def test_input_name_service_principal(self):
		when(services).create_service(ANY(Token), ANY(str), None, None, "p",False).thenReturn(1)
		when(services).create_service(not_(ANY(Token)), ANY(str), None, None, "p",False).thenRaise(TypeError)
		when(services).create_service(ANY(Token), not_( ANY(str)), None, None, "p",False).thenRaise(TypeError)
		when(services).create_service(not_(ANY(Token)), not_( ANY(str)), None, None, "p",False).thenRaise(TypeError)
		verify(services).create_service(ANY(Token), ANY(str), None, None, "p",False)
                #verify(services).create_service(not_(ANY(Token)), ANY(str), None, None, "p",False)
                #verify(services).create_service(ANY(Token), not_( ANY(str)), None, None, "p",False).thenRaise(TypeError)
		#verify(services).create_service(not_(ANY(Token)), not_( ANY(str)), None, None, "p",False).thenRaise(TypeError)

I am setting up a mock with when and then using verify to evaluate the valid or invalid inputs but I got the following error. Is there any way I can fix the error?

mockito.verification.VerificationError: Wanted but not invoked: create_service(<Any: <class 'Token'>>, <Any: <class 'str'>>, None, None, 'p', False) Instead got: Nothing

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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:58 (27 by maintainers)

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kastecommented, Jul 19, 2022

Yeah sure, part of what Typer seems to do is that it injects a context object here. You need to find out where this ctx comes from. Why is there an obj on it. Where does the debug (ctx.obj.debug) come from. And how can you modify and control the typer.Context in your tests.

dvu4commented, Jul 21, 2022

is there any way I can get the json output when I do not patch output_json ?

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