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Escape columns according if using database specific Query classes

See original GitHub issue


I did not saw in the documentation how to escape the columns, and I expected this library to do it in a way or another. In my case I expected it to automatically escape the columns.


Save the following code in a file

from pypika import MySQLQuery, MSSQLQuery, PostgreSQLQuery, Table

table = Table("user")
mysql_query = MySQLQuery.from_(table).select("id", "external_id", "name", "from", "user")
mssql_query = MSSQLQuery.from_(table).select("id", "external_id", "name", "from", "user")
postgresql_query = PostgreSQLQuery.from_(table).select("id", "external_id", "name", "from", "user")
mysql_query_string = mysql_query.get_sql()
mssql_query_string = mssql_query.get_sql()
postgresql_query_string = postgresql_query.get_sql()

print("**** MySQL QUERY ****")
print("**** MSSQL QUERY *****")
print("**** PostgreSQL QUERY *****")

See the output in console.

**** MySQL QUERY ****
SELECT id,external_id,name,from,user FROM user
**** MSSQL QUERY *****
SELECT id,external_id,name,from,user FROM user
**** PostgreSQL QUERY *****
SELECT id,external_id,name,from,user FROM user

Expected result

To see in console the escaped columns.

**** MySQL QUERY ****
SELECT `id`,`external_id`,`name`,`from`,`user` FROM user
**** MSSQL QUERY *****
SELECT [id],[external_id],[name],[from],[user] FROM user
**** PostgreSQL QUERY *****
SELECT "id","external_id","name","from","user" FROM user


  1. Maybe the pypika.Field should be updated to produce the same output in case we are calling this class only with a column like Field("user")?
  2. Maybe this could be opt-in in a way or another, meaning if you decide to resolve this issue,
    • to make the library to automatically escape the columns, with an option in a defined location (on the class level?) to let the developer to disable this behavior (like .select("id", "user", escape=False))
    • to make the library not to do anything without the developer to specify wether he want to escape columns or not (like .select("id", "user", escape=True))
  3. This goes beyond the scope of this issue (for the moment?), but maybe extend this escape feature to table names also?

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  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:5 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

twheyscommented, Jan 9, 2020

good to hear 😃 thanks for reporting anyway. If you run into any other issues, please don’t hesitate to open another ticket.

khalyomedecommented, Jan 9, 2020

It worked, I upgraded to 0.38.* and it correctly returned the expected output. Got baited by the published tags (did not browsed the last version on PyPI).

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