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Pypika messes up Interval dates when using MySQL queries:

from pypika import functions as fn

fruits = Tables('fruits')
q = MySQLQuery.from_(fruits) \
    .select(, \
    .where(fruits.harvest_date + Interval(months=1) < fn.Now())
SELECT `fruits`.`id`,`fruits`.`name` FROM `fruits` JOIN `consumers` ON `fruits`.`consumer_id`=`consumers`.`id` WHERE `fruits`.`date`>=NOW()-INTERVAL `1 DAY`

I believe that the problem is in line 1080 of

return self.templates.get(dialect, 'INTERVAL \'{expr} {unit}\'')

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  • Created 4 years ago
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ricardoorfaocommented, Mar 26, 2019
from pypika import functions as fn
from pypika import Tables, MySQLQuery, Interval

fruits, consumers = Tables('fruits', 'consumers')
q = MySQLQuery.from_(fruits) \
    .join(consumers) \
    .on(fruits.consumer_id == \
    .select(, \
    .where((fruits.harvest_date + Interval(days=1)) < fn.Now())


SELECT `fruits`.`id`,`fruits`.`name` FROM `fruits` JOIN `consumers` ON `fruits`.`consumer_id`=`consumers`.`id` WHERE `fruits`.`harvest_date`+INTERVAL '1 DAY'<NOW()

Expected result:

SELECT `fruits`.`id`,`fruits`.`name` FROM `fruits` JOIN `consumers` ON `fruits`.`consumer_id`=`consumers`.`id` WHERE `fruits`.`harvest_date`+INTERVAL 1 DAY<NOW()

I also noticed that the desired result is showed if str(q) is used instead of q.get_sql().

Robbie-Palmercommented, Jun 14, 2022

I’m having the same issue with using Interval only using str(q) doesn’t solve my problem as I’m generating SQL for GCP BigQuery which requires me to remove all quote chars with q.get_sql(quote_char=None) From Interval(quarters=1) I’m looking to generate INTERVAL 1 QUARTER instead of INTERVAL '1 QUARTER'

I can’t do a simple query_str.replace("'", str()) because my query contains CAST('inf' AS FLOAT64) So my current solution is some regex to strip the ' specifically from INTERVAL statements re.sub("(INTERVAL '[0-9]+ [A-Z]\w+')", lambda"'", str()), query_str)

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