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unsupported animation target path weights

See original GitHub issue


raise Exception('Unsupported animation target path! {}'.format(target_path))
Exception: Unsupported animation target path! weights

You can download this model from here. buster_drone glTF autoconverted format

To get this animation to build I removed the paths referring to weights in the glTF ascii file. However, the usda animation is distorted.

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  • Created 5 years ago
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wave-electroncommented, Aug 30, 2018

@kcoley @ox Apple also has some sample python scripts for building usda files as part of their USDPython standalone library v 18.09. I have a live usdz example of skinnedMeshAnimation with weights.


Another Apple sample usda file soccerBall.usda.txt

oxcommented, Sep 4, 2018

Ok, so after a bit more work I managed to:

  • correctly align blendshape names so they match in the SkelAnimation-defined names and those targeted in each Mesh’s blendShapes token uniform
  • correctly managed to fetch multiple blend shape weights for each keyframe by passing in the ratio of outputs to input frames

Check out the gist to see a USDA of the AnimatedMorphCube gltf model.

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