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Extended support for plotly diagrams + Improved scope documentation of kedro's plotly support

See original GitHub issue

Hey team,

thanks for the great tool.

Cross posting


I am trying to:

  1. save a sankey diagram in Kedro
  2. visualise a sankey diagram in Kedro viz. [note: turns out that this is not possible]


  • The best way to visualize the output of the pipeline is a Sankey diagram.
  • Unfortunately, neitherPlotly.JSONDataset nor plotly.PlotlyDataSet support this kind of diagram

tl;dr: Currently Kedro Viz is limited to the basic diagrams that plotly.js includes in its basic version.

Possible Implementation

Overall, my request is:

  • extend kedro’s support non basic plotly.*Dataset (e.g. HTMLdataset)
  • extend kedro-viz support accordingly Seems to me that supporting (plotly) html dataset would make kedro/kedro viz much more versatile for diagram vi

Possible Alternatives

In the meantimes, that would be nice to make clear in Kedro’s doc that the plotly support is still limited and clearly state what can and cannot be done.


  • Include labels so that we can categorise your feature request

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:8 (7 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

AntonyMilneQBcommented, Apr 6, 2022

Yeah, I don’t think this is something users can fix themselves at all. They’d need to fork the kedro repo, modify the requirements themselves, build a whole new python package and install that in order to make this work. Unless there’s some hackery I’m not aware of that allows you to inject a new JS package in your browser somehow, but I don’t think so.

datajoelycommented, Apr 6, 2022

My intuition is that it’s beyond the knowledge of a regular python user to know how to extend this JavaScript stuff - combined with the reduction of filesize in core this would be really neat.

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