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D3 not available when RequireJS is present

See original GitHub issue

When I call chart.render() for piechart it throws the following error:

keen.js:19724 Unhandled rejection TypeError: is not a function
    at Dataviz.module.exports (http://localhost:8010/lib/keen.js:23456:25)
    at Dataviz.render (http://localhost:8010/lib/keen.js:24074:40)
    at http://localhost:8010/lib/keen.js:23264:55
    at domReady (http://localhost:8010/lib/keen.js:23361:13)
    at Dataviz.render (http://localhost:8010/lib/keen.js:23242:9)

Using version 4.3.0 of keen-js. Furthermore the legend is not showing in any chart type.

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:6 (4 by maintainers)

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adamkasprowiczcommented, May 30, 2018

Hi @alejandromagnorsky ,

We’ve just published new versions of our 3 core libs.

Moving from keen-js main package to standalone packages will give you much more freedom and new opportunities. Especially if you are using js bundlers.


dustinlarimercommented, Oct 11, 2017

Thank your for digging into that further and helping figuring this out!

Require has issues with nested dependencies that also define Require modules. I just double-checked the version of D3 we’re including, and it’s module definition block looks like this:

// ...
if (typeof define === "function" && define.amd) this.d3 = d3, define(d3); else if (typeof module === "object" && module.exports) module.exports = d3; else this.d3 = d3;

If I’m reading this correctly, when RequireJS is present the D3 module just isn’t loaded the way our library expects to reference it… which in turn triggers the is not a function error you noted. I’ll look into solutions for patching this up… Sorry for the bumpy ride!

As for the original issue, I think this id.substring() error stems from an edge case with the type of data being passed in. Categorical data labels are passed in as a string, but in this case those labels are likely Date instances, since your query uses an interval but no groups.


new Date().substring(0, 10);
> Uncaught TypeError: (intermediate value).substring is not a function

Try changing the type to 'line' or 'area' and it should work as expected. I’ll look into the error and see if type-enforcement can squash the issue.

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