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Client-side CORB Warning

See original GitHub issue

We use this keen-tracking package to stream events directly from client-side browsers. Since recently this warning has been showing up:

Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) blocked cross-origin response <KEEN API URL> with MIME type application/json. See for more details.

Anything we can do from our side to fix and/or circumvent it?


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  • Created 4 years ago
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maciejrybanieccommented, Feb 24, 2020

Hi @vliegenthart

Actually the fixing for this issue is currently not on our roadmap due to other initiatives - especially having in mind that the discussion about beaconAPI is still open for different browsers (Mozilla) and it could change in near future.

The error about CORB should not affect the page that using Keen-Tracking and all events should be sent to correctly.

We’ll try to address that issue as soon as it will be possible - by adding support to keepAlive flag - however the issue mentioned earlier (Bug) must be resolved to deliver a full working solution.

maciejrybanieccommented, Feb 24, 2020

Hi @DroidUnknown, Could You please specify if the request or responses are blocked ? Based on specification CORB prevents the browser from delivering cross-origin network responses. So all of events should be delivered correctly to Keen platform.

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