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All cards added to the first deck name when multiple decks are added to a package.

See original GitHub issue

Dear KerrickStaley,

Thank you for sharing your library. I think I might have found an issue.

Example code:

data = {
    'a': 'content deck 1 a1',
    'b': 'content deck 1 b1'
    'a': 'content deck 1 a2',
    'b': 'content deck 1 b2'
    'a': 'content deck 2 a1',
    'b': 'content deck 2 b1'
    'a': 'content deck 2 a2',
    'b': 'content deck 2 b2'
    'a': 'content deck 3 a1',
    'b': 'content deck 3 b1'
    'a': 'content deck 3 a2',
    'b': 'content deck 3 b2'

# Create the model
a_to_b = genanki.Model(
    2043134337, # unique identifier
    'a-to-b', # human readable name
    fields = [ 
    {'name': 'a'},
    {'name': 'b'},
      'name': 'Card 1',
      'qfmt': '{{a}}',
      'afmt': '{{FrontSide}}<hr id="answer">{{b}}',

decks = []
for deck_name in data:
    deck = genanki.Deck(

    # Add the notes
    for note in data[deck_name]:
      note = genanki.Note(

# Create the file

When I then load this apkg file into Anki, Anki adds all 6 cards that should be in deck1, deck2 and deck3 into only deck1.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

sciencemanxcommented, Nov 30, 2018

PR submitted and complete #20. Please review

Karl2222commented, Jun 1, 2021

Hello sciencemanx,

I got the issue again. But the behavior is different

“When I then load this apkg file into Anki, Anki adds all 6 cards that should be in deck1, deck2 and deck3 into only deck3.”

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