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Not packaging mp3 media

See original GitHub issue

Firstly would like to thank you for making this @kerrickstaley ! My application is making Anki cards for children learning spellings, now that the schools are closing for COVID-19 in UK. I have audio files named after each word to be learned in the folder where my .py file is (using Pycharm).

When I package up and then import to Anki, I can’t get the audio files to play unless I manually find the folder in the Anki2 appdata folder (on Win10). When I unzip the Anki package in 7Zip and open the media file, the only contents are {}, so I currently think this is a packaging issue.

My code is below. The whole thing works really well when I manually add the media files but from the section on adding media, it seems they should be packaged for import too. Thanks for any insight you can offer - this will help so many people if I can get it to work (making all the spelling lists automatically into Anki cards using Text to Speech and genanki)!

#read the file into a list of words
lines_list = open('file.txt').read().splitlines()

# declare the Deck and give it a name and unique ID number
my_deck = genanki.Deck(
  'Test Deck')

# Declare the Model to be used (sets the format for the cards)
my_model = genanki.Model(
  'Basic (type in the answer)',
  fields=[  # These fields need to match up with the field names used inside the `Template` section below
    {'name': 'Front'},
    {'name': 'Back'},
  templates=[  # {{type:Back}} is what prompts Anki to put the box in the card for text input for your answer. Anki compares and shows a "diff" against the real answer
      'name': 'Card 1',
      'qfmt': '{{Front}} {{type:Back}}',  # Question Format?
      'afmt': '{{Front}}<hr id="answer">{{type:Back}}',  # Answer Format? `Frontside` can be used instead of 'Front' if you want to display the whole front as well as the back, but this can lead to repetition

mediaList = []  # declare a list to hold the names of all our media files
for l in lines_list:
    mediaName = l + '.mp3'  # generate the file name for the audio file from the word in the list
    mediaList.append(l + '.mp3')  # append the name of each media file to the list
    soundName = '[sound:' + mediaName + ']'

    my_note = genanki.Note(
      fields=[soundName , l])


print(mediaList)  # show the list for debug purposes

my_package = genanki.Package(my_deck)
my_package.media_files = mediaList # Contains the list of all our media files. May need to experiment with and without square braces here
#my_package.media_files = ['actual.mp3','bicycle.mp3','business.mp3']


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  • Created 4 years ago
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hobofancommented, Mar 24, 2020

@SimonMerrett Just ran into the same problem as you, presumably because we copy-pasted to much from the README 😅


should be

Geocalicommented, Mar 21, 2020

Same problem here The files seem to be included in the .apkg file, because I can see its size increasing, however the files are not loaded into Anki i had to manually copy the files in ~/.local/share/Anki2/User\ 1/ to make it work

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