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Request pending forever if content type is application/json

See original GitHub issue

Problem/Feature Request Summary

Not able to parse request body when the header is application/json

Environment Information

  • koa-body: 4.1.0
  • Koa: 2.7.0
  • Node.js: 12.4.0
  • koa-router: 7.4.0

Current Behavior

When request Content-Type header is application/json the request stay pending forever resolving. ,

Steps to Reproduce

const Router = require(“koa-router”); const koaBody = require(“koa-body”)

Expected Behavior

application/json content parsed

Context (Environment)

For urlencoded or text request its working fine.

I tried to debug it and I can see the options passed to the co-body json are:

   encoding: 'utf-8', 
   limit: '1mb',
   strict: true,
   returnRawBody: false

Issue Analytics

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  • Created 4 years ago
  • Reactions:3
  • Comments:7 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

ozziexshcommented, Aug 6, 2019

I can confirm we’re experiencing this as well, but I should note that this only happens when we deploy to Google Cloud Functions, running locally works fine.

Reproducing this is pretty simple:

const koa = require("koa");
const koaBody = require("koa-body");
const KoaRouter = require("koa-router");

const app = new koa();

app.use(koaBody({ multipart: true }));

const router = new KoaRouter();"/", ctx => {
  ctx.body = ctx.request.body;


if (process.env.NODE_ENV !== "production") {

exports.callback = app.callback();

In postman if you enable the header Content-Type: application/json it hangs forever, but if you take it out then it responds immediately.

ozziexshcommented, Aug 6, 2019

Decided to spend some time and dig into this and was able to replicate it on the functions emulator.

Looks to be an issue with the ctx.req stream already being “read” and the raw-body dep doesn’t handle that, see here:

Not sure what the solution is here though to actually get koa-body access to that data though…

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