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use inquiries data in policies

See original GitHub issue


Is it possible to use inquiries parameters in element of the policy ?

The use case is to limit an API call to only raws that belongs to a particular user. (stored in the example below in ‘route_instance_id’)

I want to authorise the rule only if the route_instance_id in the inquiry resource match the user_id in the inquiry subject

The only way I’ve found for now is to add dynamic policy at each request, but it’s not very efficient and hard to maintain.


inquiry = vakt.Inquiry(
                subject={"user_id": 42, "roles": ["user"]},
                        'route_endpoint': 'test_endpoint',
                        'route_instance_id': 42}
                        'query_sort': '-id',
                        'query_foo': 'bar'}
                context={"ip": ""},

against policy:

policy_user_test = vakt.Policy(
                "route_endpoint": Eq("test_endpoint"),
                "route_instance_id": Inquiry('subject', 'user_id'),
        ],  # uri
        subjects=[{"roles": AnyIn("user")}],
        Allow get for only its own instance

I’ve seen there was a first support before 1.2 for string with SubjectEqual & co, but it has been dropped and did not support dict, is there a reason for dropping this ?

I think the use case is quite common (below is an example, but i’ve plenty of use-case like this one for the api).

Or perhaps there is another way to do the same thing i’ve overlooked ?

Thanks, Regards, Thomas.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

ThomasChirouxcommented, Dec 10, 2019

Hi, sorry wasn’t available last week.

1.4.0 works perfectly for my use case.

Thanks a lot !! Thomas.

kolotaevcommented, Sep 25, 2019

Hi Thomas, Thanks for the question.

SubjectEqual & co are still there so I can’t say they are dropped, but indeed they still work only in case your policies (and inquiries respectively) are String-based like it was prior to 1.2. I have underestimated their usefulness when implemented Rule-based Policies support (Policies where you can define various attributes with dicts, like in your example). Besides, as far as I remember, there were some implementation issues with composition of Rules (And, Or, … Not, etc) for such Rules, so they remained overlooked.

Unfortunately the only way to achieve this is to deal with them in the old-fashion (like prior to 1.2), but in this case you’re loosing attributes dict definition facility.

We need to add new Rules, or new way to define such cases. Something like: SubjectKeyEqual(‘user_id’) I agree that there are plenty of use-cases for such functionality. So, hold on, I’ll implement it as the next most important feature after we finish and merge SQLStorage support.

Please, don’t close this issue - it will be the reference.

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