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Full screen in Unity 2020?

See original GitHub issue

<div class="fullscreen" onclick="gameInstance.SetFullscreen(1)"></div Is not appears on Unity 2020 Index.html.

Is there other solution to enable Full screen support for Unity 2020?

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:8 (2 by maintainers)

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NoamSapircommented, Oct 2, 2020

in Unity2020 WebGL Template you can find the fullscreen code fullscreenButton.onclick = () => { unityInstance.SetFullscreen(1); };

you can try to change this to fullscreenButton.onclick = () => { document.makeFullscreen('unity-container'); };

Its working, but the full screen is not a true full screen:


113kangkangcommented, Jun 16, 2023

I found some success getting the fullscreen to scale properly when I manually adjusted the width and height properties of the surrounding div and canvas elements: <div style="width: 1001px; height: 630px; border:0; margin:0; background-color: rgb(109,25,13);">

<div id="unity-container">
  <canvas id="unity-canvas" width =  "1001" height= "580"></canvas>
  <div id="unity-loading-bar">
    <div id="unity-logo"></div>
    <div id="unity-progress-bar-empty">
      <div id="unity-progress-bar-full"></div>

EDIT: This caused problems for me when users zoom in or out of the webpage, so it's not a permanent solution.
``` } else {
    // Desktop style: Render the game canvas in a window that can be maximized to fullscreen:

   // = "960px";
    // = "600px";

deactivate This

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