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feat(finally): finally should receive as parameter the state of the promise

See original GitHub issue

As per , it would be nice and more developer friendly to be able to receive the state of the promise inside the finally call.

My suggestion is for .fin() to receive 2 parameters:

  1. a boolean – if the promise was resolved (TRUE) or rejected (FALSE)
  2. a mixed – value sent to .resolve() or .reject()

@kriskowal : what do you think?

I’ll post here the real use-case again. We have a SPA and we are using AngularJS as a framework. I know Q service is a bit different than AngularJS $q, but the logic seems to be very similar.

Our use-case is when all the ajax requests (error or success) may contain a set of messages - those messages should be automatically pushed to the messages component and be shown. The problem is that we have to write:

  function (data) {
  function (data) {

My suggestion was to have something like:
.finally(function (isResolved, data) {

We can even adapt our notify and just put “.finally(msgService.notify)”.

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  • Created 9 years ago
  • Comments:32 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

thatshaileshcommented, Feb 6, 2018

@domenic How would you implement something like

Promise.reject(new Error("boo!"))
  .catch(function () { console.log('it should not go to next promise') })
  .then(function () { console.log("I should be called only if there is no error"); });

Below code doesn’t work since .finally() doesn’t take any arguments

.then((something) => {
  return () => { something.log(...) }
.finally(cb => {
  //check if cb === function

One way to do that is

Promise.reject(new Error("boo!"))
  .catch(function (err) { next(err); 
     return {notify: false}
.then(res => {
  if (res.notify) { console.log("I should be called only if there is no error"); }}

Any other cleaner way to achieve the same?

benjamingrcommented, Feb 7, 2018

That train has sailed by now - finally is part of JavaScript.

Also, you should just do:

Promise.reject(new Error(“boo!”)) .then(function () { console.log(“I should be called only if there is no error”); }, function () { console.log(‘it should not go to next promise’) });

Or, for this behavior do what synchronous code would (and rethrow the error with a throw).

Also, it is considered bad etiquette to bump issues from 2014

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