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We are currently trying to use Flow in every file. We have been slowly making progress but there are still a lot of errors.

If you open a PR with some Flow error fixes (or anything else) we will send you some LBC as appreciation!

Some of the biggest offenders right now are in pages/file/view.jsx and anything with subscriptions.

To see all of the errors you can run ./node_modules/.bin/flow --color always

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  • Created 5 years ago
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chrisza4commented, Oct 11, 2018

While I am working on this issue, I also need to fix flow type error at publishForm/view.jsx. I am working on that file.

dannycallericommented, Oct 21, 2018

Hi @seanyesmunt , I’m opening a PR to fix a few flow errors in these view.jsx files and some other connected:

        modified:   src/renderer/component/button/view.jsx
	modified:   src/renderer/component/cardVerify/view.jsx
	modified:   src/renderer/component/channelTile/view.jsx
	modified:   src/renderer/component/common/form-components/form-field.jsx

here’s my PR:

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