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This issue will track any new bugs from the new style changes

Outstanding issues


  • ~call reward list after getting confirmation from - this ensures existing accounts show correct rewards.~
  • ~Publish page - Price > value and drop down alignment (same with other value/dropdown pairs, i.e. settings page)~
  • ~Publish page - choose thumbnail / enter url spacing~
  • ~last item in row is not sized properly~
  • ~File page viewer doesn’t fit most thumbnails and related content requires more scrolling. I liked the related content to be on the right hand side.~
  • ~Requesting stream text hard to see in some cases (previous app greyed out the thumb)~
  • ~subscribe/tip/share text alignment~
  • ~reward ribbon alignment in title~
  • ~file action icons alignment~
  • ~Play/view icon is greyed out until mouse over - intentional ? Think it looks better colored always.~
    • Going to keep this
  • ~autoplay button removed from file show page?~
    • Will be re-added at a future date
  • ~Media properties hard to see on search/recommended~
  • ~can’t click hyperlink if “more” is not clicked:~
    • ~lbry://test1121212121#a8f41412179debf5883cced81656357a9eb559c3~
  • ~Should spacing between different elements in the same column? See Rewards area of Reward overview page.~
  • ~positive value on tx history are black text in dark mode~
  • ~pending publishes not greyed out~
  • ~All subscriptions / Latest only should be buttons similar to Refresh? ~
    • They act as “links” so the green text makes more sense
  • ~Dark mode channel page - hover over on page number whites out value~
  • ~Publish success message could use some styling~
  • ~Homepage extra spacing at bottom of featured section~
  • ~Rewards are all in a single column now - do we want this?~
  • ~Clear the cache icon is not clear~
    • possibly will increase button size so this is more clear, but keeping it for now.
  • ~Subscription - header needs more space~
  • ~glossy tile loading gradient looks bad (looks like the app locks up before cards are rendered)~
  • ~Meta text in light mode hard to see~
  • ~Button alignment on auth screen~
  • ~Invite button misaligned~
  • ~History table wrong color in dark mode~
  • ~Thumbnail stretches past the container on large screens on the file page.~
    • Looks ok, but I think it could be handled better
  • ~File action buttons on File Page not aligned on the smallest screen size~
  • ~Comments button is very close to the “Comments” header~
  • ~Outline buttons are hard to see in dark mode when hovering~
  • ~“New” badge spacing is different from other icons on FileCard~
  • ~Can’t hit > on explore page for horizontal navigation~
    • Now with trackpad scrolling!
  • ~Tip modal doesn’t work~
  • ~Share modal doesn’t work~
  • ~channel page navigation area misaligned (bottom)~
  • ~tables/pages stretch across horizontally on large screen sizes~
  • ~transaction page: [object Object] fee~
  • ~“Editing a claim Read our FAQ to learn more.” - on same line, edit page~
    • Kept them on the same line but added a period.
  • ~Transaction history - export button is small compared to dropdown~
  • ~Media properties misaligned~
  • ~Can’t close error modal from thumb upload~
  • ~wrapping in snackbar, see below~
    • Intentional. I added some more spacing though.


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  • Created 5 years ago
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neb-bcommented, Jan 14, 2019

@tzarebczan Added a more descriptive title that is shown on hover: Your balance is x.x LBRY Credits

tzarebczancommented, Jan 14, 2019
  • text size on manual upgrade prompt (not the automated one): image
  • mention rewards on Invite page?
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