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How to use batch loaders in SPQR

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Hi! My question is connected with solving N+1 problem. I have a query: @GraphQLQuery public List<Contact> contactList(@GraphQLContext User user, @GraphQLArgument(name = "offset", defaultValue = "0") int offset, @GraphQLArgument(name = "limit", defaultValue = "50") int limit) { return ....<some database logic> } and it’s ok if i just want to retrieve one user, cause it costs me only 2 queries. But when I want to retrieve lets say 100 Users it becomes harder to compute. I found GraphQL DataLoader that potentially is able to solve the issue, but can’t make it work. I was tring to base my implementation on this but it didn’t work.

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slavapcommented, Nov 27, 2019

Just for reference if someone finds this issue by googling 😃 This solution works:

no need for CustomGraphQLContextBuilder, just enough the following (with graphql-spqr-spring-boot-starter):

    public DataLoaderRegistryFactory dataLoaderRegistryFactory() {
        return new DataLoaderRegistryFactory() {
            public DataLoaderRegistry createDataLoaderRegistry() {
                return buildDataLoaderRegistry();

In case no starter used, see

The only thing you have to use:

@GraphQLEnvironment ResolutionEnvironment env

for getting fetching environment.

kaqqaocommented, Dec 11, 2018

The latest graphql-java has a better organization. DataLoaderRegistry now goes into ExecutionInput and DataLoaderDispatcherInstrumentation is always registered. Also, DataFetchingEnvironment gives access to ``DataLoaderRegistry` directly.

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