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Option for <canvas> padding

See original GitHub issue

Very minor issue here with a chart with a line width of 4 where the line and highlight dot is partially cut off on 0 values:

Maybe have a option to define a padding on the <canvas> area? I’d define a 2px padding in this case to accommodate the line width.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:5 (5 by maintainers)

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leeoniyacommented, Dec 15, 2019

It might be just me but the dot on the first example seems a bit off-centered: I think the dot position might not yet take the line width into account.

there were a couple rounding issues that should be fixed now. it’s never gonna be perfect since all interactive elements are in the DOM while the grid + trendlines are on canvas (which follows devicePixelRatio). feel free to PR any improvements, though.

I guess I’d also increase the dot radius a bit with, is there a option for it yet?

i’ve moved the dot sizing logic to JS and it’s now relative to series line width: Math.max(5, width * 2 - 1). additionally, series.class now exists and will get tacked onto the cursor points & legend, so you can tweak those further in css as required. at some point it might be good to add full customization like providing ready-to-go dom elements for the cursor points, but that’ll likely be considered when i give more thought to, post 1.0.

leeoniyacommented, Mar 4, 2020

@silverwind as of 0bbe1638ebc461a75a1caa97d79ef1b105b93196, the custom padding should no longer be necessary. now that the canvas goes extends outside the plotting area, it was a matter of adjusting the clipping regions for the paths and [new!] points.

if you look at, there’s no longer anything custom there. i’ll remove this demo before 1.0, since it no longer demonstrates anything. i might re-internalize uPlot.rangeNum(), since it was first exposed specifically for this purpose.

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