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Move to peer dependencies

See original GitHub issue

Right now, we have jquery, angular and chosen-js as normal dependencies.

Especially for angular and jquery, this is a big issue when used with packers like webpack, because it might force the packer to include 2 versions of those huge libraries - the user-defined one in their package.json and ours. This will happen when the 2 versions are not semver compatible, which is quite easy to fall into.

I would say that we definitely want to move those two to a peerDependency.

For more on peer deps:

Edit: As an aside, I’m not sure that we’re using jQuery v3+ methods? Any reason for pinning to that instead of ^2.0? chosen-js itself supports ^1.4

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VanTanevcommented, Jul 30, 2017

@leocaseiro The change itself is trivial, but we need to make a decision about semver - does this change necessitate bump to 2.0?

Changing a dependency to a peerDependency means that it will no longer be installed with current versions of npm/yarn unless it’s present in the user’s own package.json. While that is the desired behavior for a plugin, we might have users that depend on it and who might end up with broken projects after the change.

It’s kind of unfortunate that such a small fix might necessitate a major version bump, but then again, numbers are fairly cheap. Maybe we just take the jump and do version 2.0 ?

leocaseirocommented, Jul 30, 2017

If we have break changes, we should 2.x it is.

Sounds good to me.

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