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Boolean Strange Results

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Hi, I am unable to write to a boolean single tag to make it go false, it does however work for making it true. I also tried a boolean array individual index, and I can make the first index BaseBOOLArray[0] true or false with no problems, but nothing else in the array. I haven’t tried writing to an entire array yet.

I tried both async and non async with same results.

var tag2 = new Tag<BoolPlcMapper, bool>()
    Name = "BaseBOOL",
    Gateway = "",
    Path = "1,2",
    PlcType = PlcType.ControlLogix,
    Protocol = Protocol.ab_eip,
    Timeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5)

tag2.Value = false;

I am on version 1.0.4 stable, I tried on 1.0.3 with same results.

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:22 (3 by maintainers)

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TheFern2commented, Mar 11, 2021

@timyhac with the separate new bool mappers, everything is passing. Bool arrays worked previously, but I went ahead and still use your new mapper. Individual bool tags are now passing the unit tests. 🎉


I rarely use multi dim arrays in my line of work, but I will still test it anyways. I’ll update here shortly.

timyhaccommented, Mar 10, 2021

Thanks for doing this - that does narrow it down.

So it could be either:

  • libplctag.NET should not use the bit accessor APIs for bool tags.
  • There is an issue with libplctag core around these methods.

@kyle-github - are the bit accessor methods suitable for ordinary BOOL tags and/or BOOL arrays?

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