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Trouble reading SINT Array

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This is more of question, I could be possibly doing something wrong. I am able to read each type of tag individually, I am able to read each type of Array, but for some reason SINT is not returning an array, like all the other types. I can read a SINT indivual tag, and also an individual array index, but not array. Looks like is returning hex values? I haven’t worked with sbyte before, should I be casting to something else?

Thanks for the help!

 private async Task<sbyte[]> ReadSintArray(string tagName, int arrayLength)
    var tag = new Tag<SintPlcMapper, sbyte[]>()
        Name = tagName,
        Gateway = _ipAddress,
        Path = _path,
        PlcType = PlcType.ControlLogix,
        Protocol = Protocol.ab_eip,
        Timeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(_timeout),
        ArrayDimensions = new int[] { arrayLength }

    await tag.InitializeAsync();
    await tag.ReadAsync();

    return tag.Value;


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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:5

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TheFern2commented, Mar 5, 2021

@timyhac I have switched to v1.0.4-beta.1, I’ll let you know if I run into any issues.

timyhaccommented, Mar 4, 2021

P.S. - @TheFern2 - would appreciate if you could use the v1.0.4-beta.1 during development. There are a few bug fixes regarding async/await, but its also a fairly significant refactor.

I’m just waiting for feedback from testers before marking as a proper release.

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