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CSS tab size override does not work

See original GitHub issue

Please ensure:

  • The bug is caused by Refined GitHub. It doesn’t happen if I disable the extension.


I have in my Refined GH CSS preferences:

* {
	-moz-tab-size: 8 !important;
    tab-size: 8 !important;

but this does not work because refined-github.css is prioritized above that, as seen in the inspector (screenshot attached.) Not sure if this is a straight up bug, or caused by interactions with another addon? ~Weirdly enough, the override for the background image size for the → arrow works fine…~ Background → image size override works due to !important

Refined GH Addon version: 21.8.22 Other addons installed:

  • AdBlocker for YouTube™ 0.3.4
  • cookies.txt 0.2
  • Google search link fix 1.6.10
  • GreaseMonkey 4.11
  • OneTab 1.54
  • Stylus 1.5.21
  • uMatrix 1.4.4



Console errors

No response

Example URL

Browser(s) used

Firefox 88.0.1

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:9 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

eqvinoxcommented, Aug 28, 2021

until today I never heard anyone using it or preferring it

Just in case you’re wondering: the entire field of C systems & embedded development, including the Linux and BSD kernels and much of the low-level system environment uses 8-wide Tabs. Which doesn’t mean that people agree it’s a good level of indentation, just that if someone wants to use 4 or 2 (both common values), they use spaces instead. (Probably because the “4-wide people” and “2-wide people” would otherwise be annoyed with each other when things don’t line up.)

specific issue for the CSS injection order

Indeed this is why I’m here, although I hadn’t realized yet that it might affect everything. Thanks for looking at it! I hope it can be worked out, and thanks for the workaround too, I’ll keep that in for the meantime 😃.

fregantecommented, Aug 27, 2021

I understand your confusion, but 8 spaces is a bad default and until today I never heard anyone using it or preferring it, whether as a tab or spaces, that’s why it’s part of the refinements that this extension includes by default.

I’ll close this issue since there’s a solution. I’ll open a more specific issue for the CSS injection order.


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