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MembersInjector for late injection

See original GitHub issue

AssistedInject only works for construction injection. Dagger on the other hand is able to inject stuff after construction with *_MembersInjector for some @Inject lateinit var dep: Dependency.

Is it somehow possible to have this for AssistedInject?

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JakeWhartoncommented, Mar 26, 2021

FYI this is no longer a problem as AssistedInjection has moved to Dagger and all that’s left is inflation injection. We can add special handling for MembersInjector now.

mlykotomcommented, Dec 16, 2019

I agree, members injection seems like a terrible thing.

The reason is android ViewModel with inheritance:

  • we have “pure” Dagger with ViewModels
  • all ViewModels inherit from some BaseViewModel class
  • for some historical reason (🤷‍♂ ) there’s members injection in the BaseViewModel, therefore when inheriting from the base, it doesn’t need to have inject param in all inherited constructors
  • we’d like to add AssistedInject to the project, so that we can use SavedStateHandle
  • if we do that, you never can access the members injection.

I know, that it seem like a terrible thing, but also if (for some reason) you have members injection without inheritance, it’s the same - no warning, crashes at runtime.

I was checking briefly how the MembersInjector works and for specific class it includes even parent MembersInjector, e.g for SomeViewModel inheriting BaseViewModel, it properly injects SomeViewModel dependencies and also BaseViewModel dependencies.

This means, that injecting MembersInjector<TheClass> into generated factory should (?) be safe and sufficient.

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