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Habitable Zone estimation wrong for Lagoon Seactor IR-W d1-131

See original GitHub issue

Planet Lagoon Sector IR-W d1-131 A 5 is outside the habitable zone approximation, but it’s terraformable. As there is only one sun nearby, I am not sure why this is so far off (roughly 20% off).


These are the values from the scan panel:

Lagoon Sector IR-W d1-131 A

White Main Sequence star
Age: 1,270 million years
Solar Masses: 1.19
Solar Radius: 1.08 Sols
Surface Temp: 6,505K
Orbital Period: 1,222,086.7 days
Semi Major Axis: 70.70AU
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.193°
Orbital Inclination: 36.753°
Arg Of Periapsis: 104.265°
Absolute Magnitude: 4.15
Axial tilt: 0.00°
Rotation Period: 3.6 days

Habitable Zone Approx. 534-1,065ls (1.07-2.13 AU)
 (This star only, others not considered)
Estimated value: 2931

And the screenshots: lagoon sector ir-w d1-131 20170902-212755 _sun lagoon sector ir-w d1-131 20170902-212755 _waterworld

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:5 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

iainrosscommented, Sep 4, 2017

That was just to demonstrate how big an impact the second star has - although it looks like that may still be underestimating.

The main point though is that it’s an estimation, not a cast iron guarantee and when there are additional stars treat it with even more caution. CFTs may be found outside the reported zone.

If you find a major discrepancy in a single star proc-gen system then I’ll be more interested.

EoDcommented, Sep 3, 2017

@iainross I added the numbers into the generator, but I am not sure what you wanted me to look out for.

  1. If we are we debating the formula of the habitable zone of Jackie’s calculator to be wrong (as you are using the same formula), then we still have an error of 60ls (5% error): image

  2. If we are we debating the formula of the habitable zone of EDD to be wrong (as you intend to use the same formula), then the testing for one star is more appropriate. Here we have an error of 2ls compared to Jackie’s calculator. This seems like an cumulative round error on either side: image

I used the following information as a reference:

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