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no-extra-parens new option to avoid conflicts with no-sequences

See original GitHub issue

What rule do you want to change?


Does this change cause the rule to produce more or fewer warnings?


How will the change be implemented? (New option, new default behavior, etc.)?

new option

Please provide some example code that this change will affect:

/* eslint  no-extra-parens: "error" */
/* eslint  no-sequences: "error" */

(a, b); // 'no-extra-parens' warning

if ((a, b)); // 'no-extra-parens' warning

while((a, b)); // 'no-extra-parens' warning

What does the rule currently do for this code?

Fixes it to:

/* eslint  no-extra-parens: "error" */
/* eslint  no-sequences: "error" */

a, b; // 'no-sequences' warning

if (a, b); // 'no-sequences' warning

while(a, b); // 'no-sequences' warning

What will the rule do after it’s changed?

/* eslint  no-extra-parens: ["error", "all", { "sequenceExpressions": false }] */
/* eslint  no-sequences: "error" */

(a, b); // no warnings

if ((a, b)); // no warnings

while((a, b)); // no warnings

Are you willing to submit a pull request to implement this change?


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  • Created 4 years ago
  • Reactions:3
  • Comments:5 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

platinumazurecommented, Aug 19, 2019

I like enforceForSequenceExpressions personally. I generally don’t like option names without a verb indicating what will happen if you turn it on. (Just my two cents; other team members may have their own opinion.)

mdjermanoviccommented, Aug 18, 2019

I’m working on this 😃

What should be the name of the new option? The last was enforceForArrowConditionals

Maybe enforceForSequenceExpressions instead of just sequenceExpressions?

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