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Identify the current region of the agent/ pointers for room navigation

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Hi, Is there an easy way to identify the current region/room the agent is in.? env.sim.get_agent_state() would only give the agent’s position and rotation.
I understand that this should be doable with matterport3d dataset as this dataset contains semantic segmentations. This information is needed to implement a room sensor for a room navigation task.


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erikwijmanscommented, Jul 22, 2019

sim.semantic_annotations().regions() returns a list of regions. Each region has an aabb field, which returns an axis aligned bounding box. You can check to see if the agent is within that bounding box or not.

Mayer123commented, Mar 31, 2021


When I tried to print out the aabb of the regions, the looks reasonable, but the aabb.sizes are all 0 (e.g. all regions in D7N2EKCX4Sj). I’m wondering if this is expected? This is how I check it scene= self.env.sim.semantic_annotations() regions = scene.regions for region in regions: print (,,, region.aabb.sizes) Thanks!

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