Cost optimization mastery

Cost Optimization Mastery: Insights from Leading Engineering Managers

Cost optimization mastery
Cost optimization mastery

Date & Time

January 31st, 11 am (EST) / 8 am (PST) / 4 pm (GMT) / 6 pm (GMT+2)


About the webinar

Join leading practitioners from Shopify and HashiCorp to discuss how to best confront the challenges that come with managing and operating an engineering organization in a cost-aware way, specifically in these troubling times of an ongoing recession.

In this session, you will learn hands-on tips & tricks that will help you to:

  • Creating a cost-aware culture in your organization
  • Handle complicated FinOps considerations in your own specific vertical
  • How to balance between costs, innovation and your overall product quality
  • How Observability and real-time insights are key in the progress towards cost optimization
  • And So Much More!


Tom Granot

Tom Granot Director of Developer 
Relations Lightrun

Presenter Information

Mark Côté

Mark Côté Director of Engineering, 
Developer Infrastructure Shopify

Michael Wood

Michael Wood Field CTO HashiCorp

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