Developer productivity masterclass

Developer Productivity Masterclass – December 2021 Edition

Developer productivity masterclass
Developer productivity masterclass

About the webinar

Watch as engineering leaders from Netflix, Meta (Facebook), HashiCorp and Lightrun dive deep into:

  • How to know which productivity KPIs are right for your team, and how to measure them
  • How to identify and troubleshoot developer productivity problem areas
  • How to reduce friction when working cross-functionally with other teams – DevOps, SREs, etc…
  • What are the most valuable developer productivity boosters the panelists implemented at their respective companies
  • And So Much More!


Tom Granot

Tom Granot Director, Developer Relations 

Presenter Information

Mykyta Protsenko

Mykyta Protsenko Senior Software Engineer Netflix

Michael Wood

Michael Wood Field CTO HashiCorp

Ryan Menezes

Ryan Menezes Software Engineering Manager

Leonid Blouvshtein

Leonid Blouvshtein CTO Lightrun

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