Developer productivity masterclass

Developer Productivity Masterclass – June 2022 Edition

Developer productivity masterclass
Developer productivity masterclass

About the webinar

Join engineering leaders from Google, Meta (Facebook), Shopify and JetBrains dive deep into:

  • Getting a Developer Productivity movement started in-house
  • Separating yak-shaving from actual meta-work on a process
  • Reducing friction when working cross-functionally with other teams – DevOps, SREs, etc…
  • The single most meaningful technological advancement that will impact developer productivity in the near future
  • And So Much More!


Tom Granot

Tom Granot Director, Developer Relations 

Presenter Information

Anton Arkhipov

Anton Arhipov Developer Advocate

Harish Jayakumar

Harish Jayakumar Director, Global Application Modernization Solutions

Mark Côté

Mark Côté Senior Manager, Developer Infrastructure

Ryan Menezes

Ryan Menezes Software Engineering Manager

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