Shifting Left Observability with Lightrun and Chronosphere – Solution Brief

This solution brief covers the added value and benefits offered to developers by using both Lightrun and Chronosphere observability platforms. Developers can better understand in runtime their application behavior and troubleshoot complex issues at high scale and at enterprise grade security while reducing the overall cost of their telemetry (logs and metrics). The joint solution is fully cloud based and agnostic to the cloud vendor that’s in use. It is also agnostic to the languages of the application (Java, Node.JS, Python, .NET). Developers that use both platforms have seen immense improve in their MTTR reduction (>60%) and enhanced productivity.

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Enhance Your Engineering Organization Productivity Accordingly:
  • Shift left observability and enable developers to troubleshoot their remote and distributed applications in runtime (No hot fixes, no redeployments needed)
  • Reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) for complex issues by over 60%
  • Lower your overall telemetry data costs (Logs, Metrics)
  • Enhance your developers productivity

It’s Really not that Complicated.

You can actually understand what’s going on inside your live applications.

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