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Lightrun’s Platform Achieves SOC 2 Type II Certification and HIPAA Compliance – Read more here.

Secure dev-native observability guaranteed

Founded and run by experienced cybersecurity engineers, we are committed to protecting your assets!

Completely safe

Lightrun assures organizations the security and privacy of their code by being ISO-27001, SOC 2, GDPR and HIPAA-compliant. In addition, Lightrun provides enterprise-grade controls out of the box: encryption, authentication, RBAC, SSO, audit trail and privacy blacklisting.

Guardrails that every enterprise needs

Zero access to your code

Your source code never leaves its infrastructure and only you have access to it at all times.

The Lightrun architecture ensures you manage the code and Lightrun’s components end-to-end effortlessly.


Lightrun is the only player in the field with a configurable, proprietary and patent-pending agent sandbox that ensures all Lightrun actions are indeed read-only.

We guarantee:

  • No changes to application state
  • No changes to source code
  • No changes to your assets

Encrypted communication

The communication between all Lightrun components and our Management server is always established over industry-standard TLS 1.2 encrypted channels.


Lightrun supports hardening authentication:

  • Authenticate and authorize users when requesting access
  • Manage user roles granularly, with segregation of duties
  • Leverage SSO or Google Login for identity management

Blocklisting & PII redaction

Lightrun takes audit & compliance requirements very seriously.
Additionally, we support you with these mechanisms:

  • Our configurable patent-pending agent sandbox
  • A capping mechanism to ensure performance footprint thresholds are maintained
  • Software composition analysis and vulnerability scanning supported by recognized industry tools to proactively mitigate vulnerabilities

Secure product development lifecycle

Lightrun employs security best practices as a built-in part of our development process:

  • Incremental security reviews of critical components
  • Regular security penetration tests by an independent third party
  • Software composition analysis and vulnerability scanning supported by recognized industry tools to proactively mitigate vulnerabilities

Physical security

  • Access to Lightrun facilities is restricted to authorized staff
  • Our data center security is fully controlled by Amazon, including biometric identification, cameras, vehicle barriers and advanced intrusion detection systems.

The secure way to troubleshoot your applications in real time and on demand


Security is baked into Lightrun. Your and your customers’ data stays airtight.

Rich integrations

We integrate with your customers’ observability stack: Datadog, Statsd, and more.

Snapshots replace breakpoints

Insert breakpoints without breaking a thing – no downtime.

Robust observability

Observe your app from the code-level using logs, metrics and traces – all on demand.

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