Top Java communities, forums and groups
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Top Java communities, forums and groups

16 Top Java Communities, Forums and Groups: The Ultimate Guide

Developers didn’t need the transformation to WFH to understand the value of online communities and forums for their professional development and work. Many developer groups and forums offer supporting professional communities that assist with questions, dilemmas and advice. In fact, there are so many developer groups, it might be hard to choose. We’ve prepared a guide, which maps out the most active and helpful Java groups, Java forums and Java communities.

Java is a strong, popular and reliable programming language, used widely around the world. Among 9,000,000 Java developers, to be exact. Java supports multiple platforms, new architectures as well as older legacy systems, and enables developing many strong features. Whether you’re a Java newbie or a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience, you can benefit from Java user groups and forums.

We created a whitepaper with the top 16 Java forums, communities, and groups. Most of them cover a wide array of topics: from programming questions to discussions to job opportunities. Engaging in them can help your professional advancement, both by asking questions and by giving advice. They are also a place for networking and building your own personal brand.

Before posting in each, please make sure you check the appropriate type of content and questions on each community. Follow each community’s guidelines when joining them.

Here are the first three communities. You can get the full list by getting the whitepaper, here.

1. Java Tagged Questions on Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is still the undisputed leader in developer forums and help. For anything Java related search for the questions tagged as Java, or just go here. You can ask and answer anything that has to do with learning and understanding Java itself. This is the place for inserting snippets of code and asking deep-tech questions.

We highly recommend searching for answers before posting and really making an effort to solve your problem on your own, otherwise community members will not hesitate to downvote you. Don’t get discouraged and don’t take offense if they do, try to read the feedback and interact with the other developers. When wielded correctly Stack Overflow can be a very powerful tool in your arsenal.

2. Java News, Tech and Discussions – Reddit

This Reddit community hosts dozens of questions, comments and discussions every day, and the members are engaged in the conversations. The purpose of this Java community is to discuss Java and share technical content. It’s not the place for beginner tutorials or programming questions, but rather a mature discussion and the sharing of knowledge and insights. Are you looking to learn Java? Take a look at the next community.

3. Java Help, Tutorials and Questions – Reddit

Now this Java Community is the one for asking for help with your Java code. With multiple posts and responses, this vibrant community is the one for you to join if you need help, and just as important – for you to provide help to your fellow developers.

Get more recommended communities and groups on Slack,, online forums, and more, from our whitepaper. There are 13 more communities for you to discover. Get the whitepaper here.



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