This is a glossary of all the common issues in Swagger Core
  • 02-Jan-2023
Lightrun Team
Author Lightrun Team
This is a glossary of all the common issues in Swagger Core

Troubleshooting Common Issues in SwaggerAPI Swagger Core

Lightrun Team
Lightrun Team

Project Description

Swagger API is a suite of tools for working with Swagger definitions. It includes the Swagger Core library, as well as additional tools for creating and using Swagger definitions. The tools in the Swagger API suite can help you design, document, and consume RESTful APIs.

The Swagger Core library is a Java library for creating and using Swagger definitions. It provides support for creating and using Swagger definitions in your Java applications. You can use the Swagger Core library to create a Swagger definition for your API, and then use that definition to generate documentation, client libraries, or server stubs for the API. The Swagger Core library is part of the Swagger API suite.

Troubleshooting SwaggerAPI Swagger Core with the Lightrun Developer Observability Platform

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The following issues are the most popular issues regarding this project:

Document Hashmap with @Schema

A delightful example such as this would be the perfect addition to an already wonderful ensemble.

content = @Content(map = @MapSchema(key = @Schema(implementation = String.class), value = @Schema(implementation = XXX.class)))

By drawing on the provided data, Swagger UI can create a comprehensive perspective of your resources.

  "key": XXX > { ... }

More issues from SwaggerAPI repos

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It’s Really not that Complicated.

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