This is a glossary of all the common issues in Google Clasp
  • 02-Jan-2023
Lightrun Team
Author Lightrun Team
This is a glossary of all the common issues in Google Clasp

Troubleshooting Common Issues in Google clasp

Lightrun Team
Lightrun Team

Project Description

Google Clasp is a command-line interface (CLI) tool that allows you to develop and deploy Apps Script projects from your local development environment. It uses the Apps Script API to create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations on Google Sheets, Docs, and Forms.

With Google Clasp, you can develop Apps Script projects using modern JavaScript and TypeScript, and use popular front-end libraries like React and Angular. You can also use Clasp to manage your projects, including creating new projects, pushing and pulling code changes, and deploying code to production.

Overall, Google Clasp is a useful tool for developers who want to build and manage Apps Script projects more efficiently and effectively.

Troubleshooting Google clasp with the Lightrun Developer Observability Platform

Getting a sense of what’s actually happening inside a live application is a frustrating experience, one that relies mostly on querying and observing whatever logs were written during development.
Lightrun is a Developer Observability Platform, allowing developers to add telemetry to live applications in real-time, on-demand, and right from the IDE.

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The following issues are the most popular issues regarding this project:

(node:17396) [DEP0066] DeprecationWarning: OutgoingMessage.prototype._headers is deprecated

This warning is indicating that the OutgoingMessage.prototype._headers property is deprecated, which means that it is no longer recommended for use and may be removed in a future version.

This warning is often caused by using an outdated version of Node.js, which includes deprecated APIs that are no longer supported. To resolve the issue, you can try updating to the latest version of Node.js, which should resolve the deprecation warning.

If you are unable to update Node.js, you may need to modify your code to use an alternative method or API that is not deprecated. You can consult the documentation or seek assistance from the community for guidance on how to do this.

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